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Antifungal Cream: Types, Uses, and Side Effects - Verywell Health

Antifungal creams are topical medications used to treat fungal skin infections such as athlete's foot, ringworm, and jock itch. Anyone can develop these fungal skin infections, and they are typically easy to treat with over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription-strength antifungal creams. This article will explore the different antifungal creams and how they work to treat fungal infections. Osobystist / Getty Images How It Works Antifungal medications work by killing or stopping the spread of the fungus that causes fungal infections. Topical Cream Antifungal creams are topical creams applied directly to and absorbed by the skin rather than ingested. Types There are four main classes of antifungal medications, each targeting a particular kind of fungus. The four classes are: Azoles Echinocandins Flucytosine Polyenes These antifungal medications may be given in oral, gel, cream, or another form, depending on

Myopic macular degeneration: What it is, and more - Medical News Today

People with extreme nearsightedness, or myopia, may experience myopic macular degeneration (MMD). This condition can lead to a gradual decrease in central vision. In people with myopia, the distance between the front and back of each eye is greater than average. This increased eyeball size makes it harder to focus on objects in the distance. Some people with this condition may be at greater risk of developing other eye conditions. This article will review all there is to know about MMD, from signs and symptoms to the latest research. MMD, also called degenerative myopia, is the leading cause of legal blindness. The macula is a tiny region located in the center of the retina. When the retina stretches in people with myopia, it can cause the cells in the macula to degenerate. If damage occurs to cells in the macula, individuals may experience a blind spot in their central vision. The resulting condition is called MMD. The causes of MMD vary between individuals. Excessive stretching can

People Don't Live In Siloes': Appeal For HIV Services To Include Mental Health And Other Chronic Diseases - Health Policy Watch

A delegate at the 24th International AIDS Conference. MONTREAL – People with mental health conditions are more likely to get HIV, while people with HIV often struggle with depression and other mental health issues – but few countries offer psychosocial support as part of their HIV services. "As a result of systemic inequalities, mental health issues keep coming up and you have to deal with them head-on," said Lucy Njenga from Positive Young Women Voices, who works with women and girls with HIV in some of the poorest communities in Kenya. "Violence against women and girls and poor socio-economic conditions are the key challenges ," Njenga told International AIDS Conference delegates. Her organisation has a counsellor available but addressing poverty through cash transfers that enabled girls to remain in school and food parcels "that made them feel that they are loved" have also proved important. "Mental health is a necessary, essential part

Baby Rashes: What You Should Know - Verywell Health

Babies can develop rashes due to heat, dampness, irritation, or allergens. It's common for babies to develop rashes such as eczema, heat rash, diaper rashes, or cradle cap. Rashes can also be caused by chronic problems such as eczema or contagious infections such as impetigo or chicken pox.  Many rashes resolve on their own, while others may require medical attention. However, they are rarely an emergency. This article reviews different types of baby rashes and their the symptoms, causes, and treatments. Comzeal / Getty Images Causes Babies develop rashes for a variety of reasons, including: Sensitive skin  Irritants Heat Allergic reactions Infections While these are more common reasons for babies to develop rashes, rashes are associated with a variety of conditions and triggers. Types of Rashes Allergic Reaction Babies can have allergic reactions to medications, soap, animals, or specific foods.

Doctors say search for monkeypox cases needs to look beyond men who have sex with men - CNN

(CNN) The man came to an urgent care clinic in New York with red bumps on his skin in an area where he had a fair amount of hair. The doctor at the clinic diagnosed the bumps as folliculitis, an infection of the hair follicles. The clinician prescribed antibiotics and sent the man, who is in his 30s, on his way. At home, he continued to help his wife with their five children, one of whom is a newborn. Despite antibiotics, the bumps spread beyond the first pustules on his groin to his palms, arms, legs and face. About four days after his initial trip to the doctor, he got a fever and went back to the urgent care clinic for a second look. The doctor at the clinic consulted with Dr. Daniel Griffin, an infectious disease specialist at Columbia University Medical Center, who advised testing for monkeypox. A few days later, that test came back positive. "It didn't seem to set off any alarms, and I think part of that was that this is a happily married man, works in an office. He ha

Education, realistic expectations needed for presbyopia-correcting drops - Healio

July 01, 2022 4 min read Source/Disclosures Published by: Disclosures: Lindstrom reports having financial disclosures for Alcon, Allergan, Bausch + Lomb, Johnson & Johnson Vision, Minnesota Eye Consultants/Unifeye Vision Partners, Novartis, Ocuphire, Orasis and Zeiss. ADD TOPIC TO EMAIL ALERTS Receive an email when new articles are posted on Please provide your email address to receive an email

What is adenovirus – and how is it linked to hepatitis outbreak in kids - The Mirror

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What is cellulitis? A dermatologist explains - Medical Xpress

Cellulitis of left leg, demarcated, about 24 hours after onset of symptoms. Bacteria likely entered via a small psoriasis fissure. Credit: Stephen Ewen/Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0 Your skin usually deflects any bacteria it encounters, protecting you from all sorts of infections. However, when you get a bug bite or a rash, some of that bacteria can sneak in, potentially causing serious consequences. For example, you might develop cellulitis—it's the most common infection that occurs when bacteria breach the skin barrier. An estimated 1 in 503 people, or 0.2%, of the population get this painful red rash each year. It may happen after a bite or cut or if your skin gets so dry that it cracks and bleeds. When the infection happens, the area becomes painful, swolle

Physical Exercise on Asthmatic Improving Lung Function & QoL | JAA - Dove Medical Press

Introduction Asthma is a heterogeneous disease which features chronic airway hyperresponsiveness with inflammation involving mast cells, T lymphocytes and eosinophils. 1 It is reported that asthma has caused damage to around one-tenth of child health worldwide. 2 The authoritative magazine The Lancet released a newly published major achievement regarding China Pulmonary Health Study (CPH Study) based on large-scale Chinese population, which shows that the prevalence rate of asthma among people aged 20 and over in China is 4.2%, the number of patients reaches 45.7 million, among which about 26.2% (13.1 million) patients suffer from pulmonary limited airflow function. Asthma features limited reversible airflow, dyspnea caused by repeated wheezing, shortness of breath, and cough. 3 There are many factors inducing asthma, and some studies have found that doing exercise can induce the onset of Exercise-induced Asthma (EIA), most patients of which do not receive reasonable anti-inf