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Swollen eyeball: Causes, symptoms, and treatments - Medical News Today

If a person has a swollen eyeball, the white part of their eye may bulge out and look jelly-like. They may also experience symptoms such as: red, itchy eyes watery discharge from one or both eyes swollen eyelids flushed, puffy skin around the eyes blurry vision dark, floating spots in their vision eye pain difficulty moving the eyes sensitivity to light Several factors can cause a person's eyeball to become swollen, including: 1. Injury A person may sustain an injury to their eye that results in a swollen eyeball. These injuries may include: impact to the eye exposure to chemicals foreign bodies in the eye lacerations or abrasions of the eyeball Treatment varies depending on the type of injury. For example, treatment for chemical exposure may include irrigation and, depending on the chemical, eye drops. A person can treat an impact to the eye using an ice pack. Lacerations or abrasions may require an eye patch to allow the eye to rest and heal. 2. Conjunctivitis Also known as "

The Best Ways to Get Rid of Pink Eye Fast - Yahoo Lifestyle

There are no two ways about it. Pink eye sucks. The itchy, dry experience comes accompanied by crusty, disgusting mucus. Conjunctivitis is definitely best avoided. When it does strike, you're likely in for a miserable few days. Before we discuss the best ways to get rid of pink eye fast, it's important to go over the three types of pink eye, namely bacterial, viral and allergic. Both bacterial and viral pink eye are highly contagious. Bacterial can be treated by antibiotics, but viral simply needs to run its course. Allergic pink eye is caused by allergies or an allergic reaction. So, how exactly do you get rid of pink eye in 2021? It's important to note that we are not doctors, and so we can't issue medical advice. That being said, there are some common home remedies and best practices that may help relieve your pink eye symptoms. 1. Go to the Doctor If you think you have pink eye, our first piece of advice is simple: go to the doctor. Even if you choose to use any of

Best Vision Vitamin Supplements: Buy Top Eye Health Products - Kitsap Daily News

The human body is one of the greatest miracles on earth. Every single cell contributes to performing functions in coordination with the others. The system executes every task flawlessly, given the nature of its respective operations. But as humans grow old, the performance of the system deteriorates in quality. Individuals start facing issues with different organs and experience poor functions. Eye health in humans tend to Degenerate naturally with aging. People with no glasses or powered contacts can struggle with vision. So you may be wondering if there is anything to help you with your vision? Is there a product to revitalize your eye health? Fortunately, Yes, various high-quality vision supplements can help you with vision health. Over hundreds of vision supplements are available in the market that claim to reverse blindness, fix poor eyesight, and improve overall vision health, among other striking benefits. Although, it is very crucial to se

Seeing Yellow Spots: What It Could Mean and What to Do - Healthline

There are many reasons why you may be experiencing yellow spots in your vision. Here are some of the potential causes, but for a proper diagnosis, you should visit an eye doctor. Nonmedical reasons you see yellow spots Looking at bright lights Looking at a bright light and then looking away can cause temporary blindness or the temporary appearance of spots or patterns in your vision. Bright light causes special cells in your retina to become saturated with pigment. Your vision should return to normal after a few seconds or minutes when these cells become unsaturated again. You may notice this phenomenon when you move from a brightly lit area to a dark one or if you're exposed to a sudden bright light like a camera flash. Looking directly into the sun or at extremely bright lights like explosions can cause permanent sight loss. Rubbing your eyes or putting pressure on your eyes You may experience spots and random bursts of color in your vision after rubbing your eyes or putting dire

Kids Head Back to School—and Bring Covid-19’s Mental-Health Scars With Them - The Wall Street Journal

MONTEREY PARK, Calif.—JR Dzubak was breaking up a fistfight between a group of high-school boys in July when he had a moment of doubt. What if he wasn't doing enough? The chief executive of a Boys & Girls Club in Los Angeles County has spent the past 18 months watching the pandemic wreak havoc on the mental health of his club's children. When more kids returned to the club in person in the spring, many seemed listless and distracted, said Mr. Dzubak, who, at 50, has worked for the Boys & Girls Clubs since he was a 16-year-old counselor in training. Children sat by themselves or in small groups. Some kids acted out, cursing and shoving each other. The club's counselors have reported that more children and teens are having suicidal thoughts. A few began c